My cooking journey began at age 11 and it was my dream to be a chef.

At age 19 I enrolled in the Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts and began working at Casa de Luz as a prep cooking and later a lead cook and manager. I learned so much but quickly realized restaurant work was not for me.  My teacher recommended being a personal chef as she noticed how attentive I was to customer’s dietary preferences.

In 2005 I began private cheffing and have continued ever since.

I am particular about my food and find it very rewarding to provide someone else with cuisine just for them.

I offer a wide range of abilities and particularly enjoy international cuisine.  My dishes always have lots of different vegetables offering meals outside the general scope of restaurants.

While I can provide healthier versions of traditional recipes, I also bring experience in the following areas:

Gluten free, Corn free, Soy free, No salt, No sugar, Elimination Diets, Fodmap, Macrobiotic etc. If I am unfamiliar with a particular diet I am a quick study.

Food prepared just for you by Leslie Haak, Austin Veggie Chef, Personal Chef

“Our week is so much better with Leslie’s food.  Our kids love the food too!”

Stephanie F, Gluten, corn and soy free, paleo